LD8000 = Trace Nitrogen in Argon, Helium and Crude Argon analyzer


Model: LD8000
Maker: LDETEK – Canada
The LD8000 is an analyzer to monitor trace N2 and/or O2 in Ar/He/Crude Argon. Different technologies combination is used to achieve the complete solution inside one compact 3U cabinet.
– Manual or autoranging (user selectable)
– Microprocessor controlled
– 5.6” TFT intelligent LCD module with Touch Screen
– Self diagnosis system with auto-resolve alarm
– 4-20 mA isolated outputs
– Alarm Historic
– Safe calibration procedure to avoid any bad calibration
– Digital outputs for remote monitoring: (all dry relay contacts)
+ System status (1 output)
+ Range in use (3 outputs per impurity)
+ Calibration in use (1 output)